Program Overview

The Heart Valve Center at Oklahoma Heart Hospital is emerging as a national leader in the comprehensive treatment of heart valve disease using breakthrough technology to repair or replace damaged valves of the heart. Our team of cardiologists and surgeons are highly experienced in a variety of breakthrough procedures and are committed to repair valves first, before replacement.

Our heart valve assessment program streamlines the diagnosis and treatment of valve disorders. We’ve accelerated the diagnosis process to a one day appointment.

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One Day Diagnosis to Treatment

The typical process for diagnosing a defective heart valve involves appointments with multiple specialists spread out over weeks or months. At OHH, we have all the specialists under one roof, along with industry-leading technology - all packaged into a solution that can be provided in days.

Am I a Candidate?

Talk to a professional to learn more about valve disease and see if you might be a candidate for destination medical treatment accomplished in days.

We're Different

Oklahoma Heart Hospital is in the top 1% of the nation in cardiac care. Our team of cardiologists and surgeons are highly experienced in a variety of breakthrough procedures leading them to be recognized with a handful of top-tiered hospitals in the offering of a broad spectrum of new minimally-invasive procedures to repair or replace malfunctioning heart valves. Our team is also among the first to use robotics in the repair of valves.

One Roof one Day
One Roof One Day

Get diagnosed and scheduled for surgery as soon as the next day! Call toll free 855-286-3600 and find out about this destination medical treatment. We supply a bundled package including travel, food and lodging at an affordable price.

What patients are saying
What Patients Say

Oklahoma Heart is ranked in the top 1% of hospitals nationwide for patient satisfaction. See what patients are saying about Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

One Roof one Day
Media Gallery

Learn more about the Valve Center at Oklahoma Heart Hospital by browsing our media gallery. Listen to our radio spots, watch our television commericials, and view online videos which highlight specific offerings and procedures.

Payment Options
Payment Options

We provide multiple financial options and will work closely with your insurance provider on pre-qualification and certification.

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